Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[tuesday, may 25] yellow.

i've always been drawn to the music. in a sense, it's kind of what makes me go.
while fighting my way through the clamorous streets, i distinguished a very faint voice. singing. one with so much passion behind it.
he sang 'yellow' - by coldplay. and he did it well. almost better than chris martin. ..almost.
my friends carried on as i stayed to listen, and ended up engaging in a really great conversation with him.
he was young.
and we talked about his life, his dreams, his plans. his hopes and adventures.
he reminded me very much of myself. not knowing what to do with his life.-it's a confusing place we're all in.
he said music was his passion.
so he quit school to play. and has never been happier.

do what you love, guys.

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